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Leela Scholarship

We are excited to announce a new initiative made possible by the generosity of the NC Arts Council. As part of the Leela Foundation’s commitment to expanding opportunities for our community, we feel privileged to introduce a need-based scholarship program designed to make dance programming offered at the Leela Foundation accessible to adults facing financial barriers.

Why this Scholarship Matters

Dance is a transformative experience that promotes personal growth, self-expression, and physical well-being. Leela Foundation offers programs by professional dance artists, to enhance learning and facilitate this growth. This is an ongoing process. Our scholarship aims to remove financial constraints to allow more adult learners of the art to explore this world of possibilities.

How the Scholarship Works

At Leela Foundation, our aim is to ensure that no one misses the opportunity to embrace the joy of dance due to monetary constraints. We are thrilled to share that we will provide partial scholarships to adult dance learners based on their financial need and dedication to dance. Here's how the application process works:

1. Application Submission: The application is open to all residents of the state of North Carolina. To apply, prospective students must complete an application form and share their unique journey and financial needs.

2. Board Review: Applications will undergo a careful review by our board, focusing on financial need, dedication to dance, and growth potential.

3. Selective Granting: Scholarships will be awarded selectively based on availability, with the goal of creating a meaningful impact for recipients.

A Heartfelt Thanks to the NC Arts Council

We extend our deepest gratitude to the NC Arts Council for making this initiative possible. This scholarship is made possible through the grants the NC Arts Council has awarded to the Leela Foundation, in particular, Spark the Arts grant. Their support enables us to create more opportunities for our community, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have.

Join us in celebrating this opportunity to inspire lives, create lasting memories, and encourage a healthier, more vibrant community through the joy of dance.

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