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Leela Dance Company

The Company’s mission is to engage dancers in a life-long learning experience in pursuit of excellence, growth, and change in dance. To push the traditional boundaries of dance and engage audiences in constructive, thought-provoking conversations. 


Bharata Natyam is an Indian classical dance that is thousands of years old. As a dance form that was developed in the temples of South India, the dance brings together Indian myth and legend to convey spiritual and philosophical sensibilities that are universal. Using the idiom off Bharata Natyam Leela dance Company will create works of high artistic merit that will celebrate the richness of the dance tradition while questioning inherent moral ambiguities of gender, race, and color. 

"Can dance be at once the mode of transmission of culture, traditions, and values of the past and at the same time be a vehicle to receive that knowledge and wisdom and adapt and apply it to create a future that is different in some ways and similar in others? " - Vasu Moahan


These are questions that will direct and influence new works of the Company

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